Monday, September 1, 2008

Mmmmm Pizza!!

I love this pizza recipie because it's different from the norm' and it's got lots of hidden spinach in it. This kids love it and we gobble this up in one night. Plus, it's so easy and fast to put together and bake!

Chicken Alfredo Pizza
1 pizza crust, any way you like to do it: make your own or buy one prepared. I use the prepared ones in the package
Beretolli Alfredo Sauce. Open a jar and use however much you like on your pizza.
1 Chicken breast cooked and cubed
Fresh spinach leaves, chopped up small. Use however much you like
Shredded Mozzerella Cheese
Shredded Parmesan Cheese (not the stuff in the can)
After you've assembled you pizza I like to sprinkle it with a little salt, pepper, garlic salt, and Italian Seasoning (the kind with basil, oregeno, and stuff like that in it)

Cook according to the package directions on the pizza crust. Usually 450 for 10-12 minutes.


jessica said...

I'll have to try these latest 2 recipes Audrey-they look yummy! I'll put the ingredients on my list :)

old mother hubbard said...
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old mother hubbard said...

that looks yummy. i need to get the ingredients and try it one night. it might even feed us for two nights. love mommy

Megan said...

I LOVE the meat pie!!! I made it last week and have been craving it ever since!

Mandy said...

mmmmm! I love this pizza recipe!! It was so good!!! I think I have just about made every recipe on here... they are all so good... I might get fat from eating so much lately :) Next time you see me I will have to roll out of my car and down the sidewalk to see you - and then I will blame it on you and your awesome blog :)